People left in hysterics at Tesco employee’s creative resignation announcement

While many of us have dreamt of handing in their notice in a flamboyant and creative fashion, before settling for the boring option, one Tesco employee’s efforts brightened everyone’s day

One Tesco employee’s efforts to resign have gone viral – and we really hope they got an excellent reference in return.

It’s fair to say that most of us have enjoyed a daydream about resigning from a job in dramatic fashion.

But our efforts in real life are thwarted by the need for a decent reference. It’s irritating, but many things about adulthood are.

One Tesco employee’s efforts to announce their resignation toed the line perfectly – it was dramatic and over-the-top, but also rather sweet and humourous.

It went viral after being shared on Reddit – and left people in stitches at the contents of the worker’s farewell letter.

The supermarket employee shared a video of the moment, explaining: ” After telling my work that I am leaving, they said I must make a formal resignation letter. So in response, I went all out.”

And they really, really did – dressed up to the nines, with a cane to boot and an assistant to read the letter out loud.

They even stood on a tiny Tesco stool – which really helped add some gravitas to the situation as they grandly announced: “My formal resignation.”

And it really adds to the atmosphere even more when a shopper cheerily walks through with a trolley at the beginning of the video.

Their assistant then reads the letter out, which said: “To whomever, it may concern, I write this letter from a place of sorrow and regret.

“These six long arduous years have caused me to grow quite weary. Whilst I have revelled and laboured with my subordinates, my knees have grown weak and the grease from my elbows has depleted.

“It is not for every man to accept large packages into their backdoor. Nonetheless, this was my duty.

“I have wandered endless aisles, searching for sections incomplete…but my shoulders carry the weight of the worker’s burden.

“To Chris, you are the father I never had. To John, you recognised my true potential, a finer manager I could not request.

“My final thanks go to Steve, the empire of this fine establishment. You have raised the bar from your predecessor infinitely.

“To say his name is to be remembered is a grotesque overstatement. I finish this letter with many thanks to my former comrades and I hereby submit my formal resignation.”

The announcement left people in hysterics, as many enjoyed the dramatic fashion it was delivered in.

One joked: “For such a glorious formal announcement, you’d think the clientele would show a bit more decorum.”

“Viva la Tesco is my new war cry,” joked another.

A third commented: “The little nods of approval, the rolling r’s on the synchronised “rrresignation!”, the stool, the cane, holding the letter at arm’s length. So many elements combine to make this a true masterpiece of our times.

“Fine work gentlemen. Huzzah!”