Seven genius tips for sparse eyebrows, according to a celebrity make-up artist

World-renowned brow expert and founder of Eyebrow Queen Nilam Holmes has shared her tips and tricks for how you can achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker eyebrows

Our eyebrows frame our face, so it’s desirable to have naturally thick and full brows.

Unfortunately, some natural brows are sparse in appearance and lacking in texture.

This could be a result of over waxing or plucking leaving you with an unnatural shape that has stunted follicle hair growth.

No matter how sparse your brows are, there any many tips and tricks which can make your eyebrows appear naturally bushy – you just need to know the specific techniques, tools, and colours to use.

Luckily, world-renowned brow expert and founder of Eyebrow Queen Nilam Holmes has shared her genius tips that can help sparse brows.

When choosing a brow pencil, ensure you find one that allows you to create fine strokes as these will resemble your brow hairs. Avoid any pencils which create thick lines as they look unnatural.

When applying the pencil, ensure you don’t shade in a block flat colour but instead use the texture from your natural hairs by drawing fine hair strokes.

Practice makes perfect but a fine tip will allow you to create natural-looking hair strokes every time. A good tip is to practise drawing hair strokes on the back of your hand or forearm.

Before you fill in your brows, ensure you lift the existing hairs in an upward motion. Using a clean spoolie brush, comb the hairs up so you are exposed to the skin underneath.

Apply fine hair strokes onto the skin under the brow hairs to leave you with a natural finish. Remember to brush the hairs back to their original place once you’ve finished filling in. Don’t fill in all the empty spaces as natural brows do show some skin between hairs.

Conditioning your eyebrows with a growth serum daily will assist even the thinnest of brows. Growth serums are packed with ingredients that are proven to nourish hair follicles and promote stronger hair growth.

Apply the recommended amount of Eyebrow Queen’s brow serum directly onto your brows with an applicator or clean finger. Use this twice a day for maximum results. It is Michelle Keegan’s essential brow product!

The serum contains a cocktail of ingredients such as Biotin and Panthenol acid. Biotin is a water-soluble compound also known as Vitamin H. It is valuable in cell proliferation and research suggests it speeds up hair growth.

To safeguard your brows, go over your finished look with a small amount of brow powder or clear brow gel. Slowly apply with an angled brush to keep the natural hairs in the right place for longer and add even more definition.

When filling in your brows, your impulse might suggest starting with the front first. This can however look harsh. When first dipped in, your product will have too much for the front which is usually the sparsest part of the brow. By starting with the tail, you are targeting the darkest hairs first. Once the product has been applied to the tail, you can use the remainder for the sparse hairs at the front.

For sparse brows to grow, they need the right nutrients. A healthy and balanced diet is key for cellular function. Any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals such as omega fats, iron, and zinc stunt hair growth.

It’s vital to increase your intake of biotin in your diet as this compound is essential for eyebrow hair growth. Biotin rich foods include mushrooms, salmon, broccoli, and bananas. A protein-filled diet is also important for healthy hair growth as follicles are made up of keratin – a structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails.

Always fill in the gaps in your brows with your natural shade to even out the shape and give you something to build on. To add more layers, draw small strokes in a slightly darker brow pencil on top. The layering will develop a greater depth of colour and create the perfect thicker brow illusion.