Bromic- Company Profile

An introduction to Bromic

Understanding the need of the hour, Bromic left no stone unturned to challenge technology and come up with which is never-heard or seen before. Unearthed in 1978, Bromic has been proffering people with the best commercial freezers solutions that soon became the first preference of many commercial kitchens. From the time of business commencement, this brand name always paid attention to delivering results and letting people experience a matchless work experience in their commercial kitchens.

Bromic- A synonym for innovation

Standing out of the crowd has always been a huge challenge for Bromic fridge manufacturing experts, especially because of the rising competition in the relevant market. Beating the opponents with incredible designing and next generation refrigeration technology, Bromic fridges topped the list of customer-preference several times. And in no time, Bromic became a renowned brand name excelling the art catering all the fridge requirements of millions of people on global standards.

The Bromic range of products-

Letting people have a better experience of machinery can never be easy but at the same time, it’s not even impossible. And Bromic has made everyone learn it pretty well. After pursuing some successful years in fridge manufacturing industry on a global level, Bromic came up with a string of products including-

  1. Outdoor heating solutions – Witnessing constant progress convinced Bromic founders to come up with a series of the heating solution and products in 2007. To accomplish the manufacturing task of the same, Bromic has a team of award-winning designers and engineers who know what can work the best for outdoor purposes. To touch their own defined milestones, after a time, they even came up with gas and electric heating solutions which ultimately added a lot to their success story.
  1. Plumbing and gas equipment – With a thought of being a helping hand for the plumbing industry, Bromic decided to launch a series of plumbing and gas equipment (to be installed by a local plumber) or machines including- valves, gas adapters, gas cylinders disposable, heating appliances, pumps, sealants and lubricants, water hosts, hand torch cylinder and much more. Keeping in mind the professional nature and needs, the entire product range is designed with reliable and heavy-duty metal to ensure trustworthy work operations.
  1. High tech fridges – In 1999, Bromic came up with a thought of manufacturing and delivering peerless commercial fridges in Melbourne as well as a domestic range of fridges which can stand above already launched products in the market. Having a successful team of engineers and product designers, Bromic attained the landmark of meeting all the requirements of each and every customer. At present, Bromic is delivering fridges to a wide spectrum of dealers and Australia’s largest franchise chain.

All these products are manufactured at the prime factory and headquarters of Bromic located in Sydney, Australia. The factory covers a vast area of 6.500 square meters which ensures quality work operations and product storage in a productive manner.

Apart from the manufacturing, Bromic’s support & engineering crew, product tester team and warehousing staff also accompanies them at the headquarters for fluent and safeguarded product delivery to the respective places.