Your Habit of Discarding Old Tyres is Affecting the Environment

Almost every responsible individual on this planet is familiar with the fact that our earth has become a victim of global warming. But did you ever take the pain to understand the root cause of this rapidly increasing global warming influence? I’m sure one hardly pays attention to it.

Whether it is the excessive use of vehicles or gadgets, almost every factor is contributing sufficiently to make the environmental conditions worse than ever before. Among all the major or minor factors, abandoning tyres is one of the highly effective reasons for global warming.

Usually, speed lovers are seen quite habitual to changing old tyres and replacing them with the new one. Now, for once, tyre repair, cash for cars Newcastle or replacement may not look like affecting the environment but it actually does. If you still do not believe then here is what you need to know about.

  1. Setting tyre on fire – Usually when people discard tyres, garage owners, garden shredders burn the tyres. It not just becomes the major cause of air pollution but somehow affects the human health as well. Each and every burned tyre releases a high amount of intoxicated gases which are harmful enough to damage the lungs and breathing system of a human being. And according to researchers, it has been witnessed that tyres, if used appropriately can be one major source of generating good quality fuel. And it’s quite enough to show that a discarded tyre still holds some value.
  1. Soil pollution – When thrown on barren land or in sandy areas, tyre starts to stink and then turns out to be a major cause of damaged soil. Its toxic gases release and make conditions worse for the soil fertility levels making it of no use for a scrap car removal or old car removal company.
  1. Home to diseases – In a high majority of cases, tyres are seen thrown in the garage which leads to a lot of health problems, especially for the ones who live nearby. Usually, after heavy rain, tiny insects find a great and cozy space inside tyres as their new home which often gives birth to health issues like- diarrhea, plaque, malaria.
  1. A major cause of water pollution – Some people use it as their reliable life jacks during swimming. Though, it may fulfill the purpose aptly but at the same time, it damages the quality of rivers, ponds or any other water body.

Though, many of the renowned tyre manufacturing and unwanted car companies are making plans to amend the basic raw materials used but at the same time, we can’t deny the fact that it won’t make major change anyhow. The basic way of getting rid of this problem is to use the tyres wisely and do not discard them unless & until needful.

The concluding words-

Taking good care of your vehicle tyres has become the biggest focus of attraction. And the reason behind it is the rising impact of global warming. This affect can be reduced with a bit conscious efforts like- neglect changing tyres frequently, if required, return the tyre to a mechanical shop or convert it into a home décor piece for future usage. Such aspects not just make you a bit concerned about the environment but can let you brush up your creativity skills.