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Uber has announced that it is planning to introduce flying cars in 2020

Uber has announced that it is planning to introduce flying cars in 2020

As weird as it sounds, Uber has pronounced in a published paper that it is working on introducing ”flying cars” that they call Uber Elevate. According to Uber, the first flying cars will be available by 2020. These cars will be available in Dubai and Dallas-Fort worth.

Uber’s constant innovation

Since its launch in March 2009, Uber has been (and still) constantly searching for improvement and innovation. First introducing the idea of ”technology driven” transportation by using smartphone applications and GPS technology and single-handedly leading a revolution that is still happening up to date, and then recently introducing the idea of self-driving artificial intelligent cars to replace the normal man-driven cars. Now they are planning to introduce their flying cars to the market by 2020, teaming up with the best companies for the creation of such cars.

You may think at first that these cars will be much like helicopters with Uber sign on them, but actually they are very different. Unlike helicopters, Uber Elevate will be much quieter. The creators of the car are focusing on designing it in a way that doesn’t make it very loud and uncomfortable. In addition, they are planning to make them ”electrical” cars, much like Tesla’s electrical cars, only with wings, also giving the advantage of pollution free transportation. One of the main advantages of such cars is the factor of ”time”. Imagine that you can save all the time you spend on rush hour, or all the crossroads you meet, or all the other obstacles that you face while driving. These flying cars will certainly save so much time. According to one of the speakers in Uber, you will be able to finish a 1 hour and 40 minutes ride in just 15 minutes. One of the goals of Uber in the future is to make Uber Elevate autonomous, which will revolutionize the idea even more.

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Who is teaming up with Uber

Uber, of course, are not the creators of the car. They are teaming up with companies specialized in aircraft manufacturing. One of the partners is Bell Helicopters, a well-known company in aircraft manufacturing and one of the largest companies in the US which are producing the Bell Boeing V-22 osprey and will soon be producing the Bell V-28 Valor. Along with Bell Helicopters, Uber will be teaming up with Pipistrel Aircraft, Embraer, Aurora Flight Sciences and Mooney International. They are also receiving funds from Dubai and Dallas-Fort worth, where the cars will be first tested by the year 2020.

Uber is having a very critical time that could change the future of the whole industry of transportation. Although lately, It has been facing accusations of stealing of search giant’s automated vehicle technology and the loss of $800 million last year, making some people even doubt the company’s future. But despite all the negative news that has been going out recently, Uber is on its way of making another revolution. Similar, or even better than the revolution they started eight years ago.