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Samsung vs Iphone Smartphone sales performance

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It is no longer news that the two biggest players in the smart phone market are Samsung and Apple. Each year, they push each other in terms of innovation, pricing and design releasing flagship phones which come with a lot of fanfare from tech enthusiasts and the general public.

Apple has been consolidating on the impressive records of sales they had in 2016 and this was largely due to the increase in demand for the iphone 7plus. Although they’ve not been able to sustain the momentum. Samsung who had a strong start to the year with the release of S7 and S7 Edge, will want to put the failed launch of the Note 7 behind them as this marred what would have been another good year for them in terms of sales and brand reputation

Apple have three major range of the iphone which they release to the public. The iphone7 and 7 plus with the release of affordable versions released 6-7 months after. Samsung on the other hand, have J series, A series, Grand series, Note series and mini versions of their flagship phones. Apart from the quality of smartphones that Samsung makes, they are the largest seller of smartphones in the world when it comes to sheer volume and trying to compare them with Apple’s iphone might seem like an uneven playing field but when you consider the price margin of the iphone is higher than any other smartphone in the market including Samsung, you will see it as a fair comparison.

The Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ according to The Investor, have sold five million units already and it is not up to two months since its release. Analysts are projecting that by the end of the end of the second quarter Q2, 20 million units would have been sold 50 – 60 million units by the end of 2017 have been projected. Despite the fact that the company has not been experiencing yearly growth as well as their first quarter earnings were not impressive, they were still able to ship out 79.2 million units of smartphones due to the new feature Facebook chatbot marketing.

A better performing second quarter is expected from Samsung as new A3, A5 and A7 will be introduced into the market coupled with the already existing S8, S8+ and J series. From the global response to the S8 sand S8+, it seems Samsung is going to have a good second quarter.

Apple in the first quarter of 2017 shipped out 50.8 million units of iphone compared to the 51.2 million they did in 2016 with the iphone responsible for 69% of the company’s total revenue. Despite the fall in demand, Apple was made $52.9 billion in Q1 2017 compared to 50.6 they made during the same period last year. With a less glamorous event compared to the Iphone 7 and 7+, Apple released the Iphone 7 RED special Edition and Iphone SE in the month of March 2016 and these releases did not improve the quantity of units sold according to the information provided by The International Data Corporation (IDC).

Samsung may be winning the war when it comes to the volume of shipments globally, the pricing margin of Apple’s iphone still makes it very attractive and those who use the iphone are loyal customers. Samsung having launched the S8and S8 plus will definitely be looking to have a strong second quarter as they bid to launch other models such as A series and Note series. It is really exciting times for smartphone users irrespective of our allegiances.