The Importance of Design and Marketing in Domestic Appliances

The Importance of Design and Marketing in Domestic Appliances

For a long time, some household appliances that we consider to be essential today were, in fact, a status symbol of rich families due to their high prices. They were a luxury to most of the population and they represented something an average person cannot achieve. The rich had the privilege to use the household appliances to help them in their daily tasks. The average family had to manage on their own and had no right to such help.

Thankfully, times have changed. Ever since the economic boom in the fifties, domestic appliances became more a more realistic dream to many families. More people could afford to buy household appliances hence making their lives a lot easier than it used to be. We rarely think of having a fridge, an air fryer, or a washing machine in our home as a luxury, but to people in the fifties, being able to finally buy a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner was a dream come true.

Nowadays, everyone uses domestic appliances to make their lives easier. TVs, ovens, air fryer, washing machines, toasters, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators are present in every household, and they represent the essentials of the kitchen and home in general. See full list of common home appliances.

In fact, we use these appliances so often that we have started to demand more than simply function. We now have a more sophisticated taste and our needs are a lot more difficult to fulfill than earlier. We already have labor saving appliances, but what else can we have?

Companies try really hard to come up with new and better appliances each day. We do not only want a regular washing machine. We want a high-quality machine that fulfills all our needs related to washing clothes. The same is with all the other domestic appliances. We want the products which are functional but which also appeal to our eye and matches with our other appliances. To cut the story short, we simply want more.

So why are things like design and marketing important in domestic appliances?

First of all, the importance of design in household appliances is great for many reasons. Consumers want functionality but they do not neglect design as well. Aesthetics became increasingly important from the fifties onward, as people started paying more attention to the way things looked and not only what they did. Labor saving devices were meant to free us from the hard work and their appearance was completely irrelevant.

So, earlier, the function was the only thing that mattered when purchasing an appliance. It was important that the appliance served a purpose, and no attention was paid to the design. Thus appliances in the past were often bulky and well, let’s say a little ugly too. But at a time when having one was considered to be a privilege, who cared about the design of a TV or commercial fridge?

Nowadays, the design is equally important as the function of an appliance because we pay so much attention to aesthetics. We now we have two most important things when purchasing a domestic appliance and that is function and design. Let’s consider air fryers as an example. This innovative kitchen appliance has rocked our world and completely made deep frying redundant by introducing this new and fascinating method of frying food. We are all huge fans of deep fried food despite its catastrophic consequences on our health. Therefore, we can now continue eating our favorite food minus the dangerous effect.

But due to a competitive market, the best air fryer makers have to compete for consumers’ attention and they do it by offering beautifully designed air fryers. There is a selection of air fryers to choose from ranging from Space Ship Air Fryers to 8-in-1 Electric deep Fryer.

So what is the crucial factor when consumers are deciding on which appliance they should buy when they all share the same function? The answer is simple: marketing.

Successful and well-planned marketing goes a long way.With such a vast number of appliances presented by different SEO companies, consumers have a hard time deciding which one should earn their trust. Once consumers decide on a brand, if satisfied, they are very likely to remain loyal to that brand. This is why digital marketing is essential when it comes to winning consumers’ attention and marketing strategy developers never rest. They must stay up-to-date in order to compete with all the other companies because if not properly marketed, a product is likely to fail.