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When it comes to choosing a content management system for your website development, there are numerous options you can choose from. It can be quite a nightmare to find the ideal CMS for a project, you have to consider certain factors like how advance you need the CMS to be, who’s going to use it as well as the language in which it is built.

Nevertheless, there are some CMSs that are slightly better than the rest of the competition in terms of its software’s usability. There are different website CMS available (Wix, WordPress, Magento..) that are easy to use, install and extend. Here’s a list of the most popular CMSs rated high by Google website development CMSs.


Before, WordPress was being used largely as a platform for blogging, but these days, it can be used not just for a completely useful website development, but for creating mobile apps as well. Thanks to its outstanding documentation and fast installation wizard, WordPress is an amazing platform for newbies. With its ease of use, convenience and subsequent maintenance, it has become one of the most used CMS, with at least 22.5% of all websites are based on it. Even the well-known brands such as Facebook marketing, Sony and Disney just to name a few, uses WordPress as their CMS. Examples of WordPress website: seo companies in Sydney, (US-based WordPress News website).



In terms of functionality, Joomla is a much advanced CMS. With that being said, Joomla I pretty easy to use because of its installer. It is designed to work on your regular shared hosting packages, and is very upfront even if the software is configurable. Joomla, just like with different website CMS available online, refonte site internetagence web référencement is an open source platform. It uses MySQL database in storing content and is based on PHP. This CMS is tool that you can use to develop a powerful online application.


Magento is an open source platform as well. It is mainly created for eCommerce type of business. It uses Zend PHP database as well as MySQL and comes packed with great and flexible features suchs as SEO tools, intuitive interface and management tools to control over how the goods will appear. However, if you’re a newbie in this field with only a little knowledge and basic skills in optimizing your website, it is recommended to contact a specialist to help you out and avoid any future headaches. Examples of Magento website: (US fashion), (AUS commercial kitchen equipment)


Wix is an all-inclusive website builder on internet. You create your website on their software using their own tools. Using Wix is a straight trade-off between control and accessibility. Wix is considered nowadays as one of the biggest player in CMS and has around 90 million websites under its belt. It is available for free and comes with visually appealing layouts for small businesses. Link to Wix template: . Example of Wix website: (cash for scrap cars)


The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a platform for developing your website is to find a suitable company who will complete the job for you if you do not have all the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to develop your own website. All of these CMS platforms are the best of the best and it will be up to you which ones you think will meet all the requirements you are looking for in a CMS.