What Are The Most Common Reasons To Donate To Education Charities?

The Most Frequent Reasons to Donate to Education Charities

There are moral reasons for charitable giving for education that everyone most likely understands and is aware of. Donating to charity simultaneously stimulates the spirit of the giver while helping others in need. Still, there are reasons individuals who are able to give are hesitant to do so. Some questions that are often asked include: Would my small donation really even help? Shouldn’t charity, as they say, begin at home? Shouldn’t people be responsible for themselves and not depend on others? Below are some reasons to donate to charity, as well as arguments that can help you get over the hump these questions present and consider charitable giving.

Small Donations Make an Impact

As discussed above, a lot of individuals decide not to give to charity because they don’t think their dollar will do any good. This type of thinking is common when confronted with a large task that appears insurmountable. You might think to yourself, how can a few dollars help end something as massive as world poverty?

Well, it’s simple. Your dollar does make an impact. For example, a $100 donation to a charity such as Oxfam can provide two children with a year’s worth of school meals. For ways to determine how a small donation helps, go to……

While your donation may seem small, small amounts given by a lot of people really add up. In the year 2016, nearly $400 billion was donated to charitable causes. When taken together, a lot of good is being done in the world thanks to small amounts of charitable giving. Just think of the potential that $400 billion can do for individuals in need.

Another way to show the significance that small donations provide is to personalize your giving. Imagining the entire population of the world who are in positions of need is quite daunting. It’s easy to forget the face of an individual when confronted with such a large statistic. Instead, just think one individual who would be impacted by your gift. A donation to charity is immediately changing this individual’s life for the better. Think of their smile when they hear the news of a fresh meal, clothes or shelter. It’s easy to forget how not everyone has these simple items necessary for survival that are often taken for granted by people.

Building Communities

Some individuals might question why they would donate money to a large international charity for education when there are people in their lives or neighbourhood that are in need of help. But this does not have to hinder you from donating. Instead, choose to give to a cause in your local community. Donating to your community is another way to view the immediate effects that charitable giving can do in the world, even if it is local.

Sometimes an individual’s ideology can lead them to believe that people should be independent and try to solve their own problems. While the ability to do this is commendable, it’s not always reasonable. For example, some people may have been impacted by a natural disaster and lost their home and belongings. Severe droughts across the world can cause starvation. There is nothing these individuals could have done to have prevented their losses.

And while other victims might not have suffered in this same way, there are often many roadblocks that just are not visible for us. While it may be difficult, it is important not to judge until the situation fully presents itself.

In Religions like in Islam, many Muslims believe in the Qurban practice, where it is common to sacrifice animals as donation on specific days of the year. It comes from the sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham, who prepared to offer his son and God replaced his Son with a sacrificing animal.

Other Reasons to Donate to a Charity

If you are still not convinced that charitable giving helps the world, below are some additional reasons to donate to charity.

– Tax Deductions (This may not be your top reason, but a tax deduction never hurts).
– Connects you to the rest of the world.
– Creates self-empowerment and enhances your image.
– Sets a moral example for children who need education and others who aspire to do good.
– Provides spiritual relief and purpose.

There are numerous reasons to donate to charity, and those discussed above are just a few of them. But if you are in a position to give, just think of the good it could do for one individual in need. Think of how you can change their life for the better. Put a face on the statistic, and make the world a better place for all of us!