Programs Offered At Authentic Education

Authentic Education offers the best Life Coaching Course and it’s currently considered to be the most effective in Australia. They have been awarded the BRW (Business Review Weekly) Fast 100 award and Huffington Post said “Authentic Education is Australia’s leading training company helping people do what they love”.

Programs Offered At Authentic Education
Accelerated Coaching Certification – The most powerful framework for creating results and changing lives (including yours). Certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation), the life coaching course allows you to become a life coach or business coach and get paid for changing lives.

– Digital Marketing Made Easy:
Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. This online will teach you the 7 most cost-effective systems for attracting more clients online within a short period of time. It’s over 55 videos (with support) directly from the co-founder of Authentic Education, Cham Tang

– The Difference Maker Accelerator:
This program is the easiest way to grow a heart-centred business doing what you love. It’s for coaches, authors, speakers and online educators that want to know how to package their services and get clarity on all aspects of their business.

– Present Like A Pro:
This is the most effective way to craft world class presentations and deliver them confidently. It’s not a normal public speaking course like Toastmasters. The goal of this course is not only to have you become a confident public speaker, but also to sell your product, service or message to an audience. Holding LIVE presentations, webinars, video courses, and keynote speaking leverages your time and allows you to reach a large audience of potential clients.

– Inspire To Buy:
If you have a particular idea about a product or service, then it’s very important for you to try and master some essential selling skills… and not in a slimy way either. The new model of selling is all about helping people with an “educational-based” sales process. It’s the art of selling by giving people solutions to their problems.

– Way Of The Wealthy:
Master your money & create abundance using the smartest tools from the world’s wealthiest people on the planet. You will learn how to create a wealth mindset, financial plan and passive income in your life (even if you currently have low cashflow, are in debt or have a pattern of lack).

– Success Automation:
Simplify your life to become the most productive & successful version of YOU. The amount of success you enjoy in your life or business is mainly dependent on a series of systems, habits and rituals you create. We also breakdown super-useful productivity apps to use in your everyday life. What’s 3 years of your life worth? Because this program will be adding hours do your day, days to your month and years to your life!

– Unlocking The Freedom Code:
This course allows you to liberate your mind and emotions with the most successful healing technique on the planet. It’s called “The Universal Freedom Technique” and is a holistic healing method for you to neutralize baggage from the past and move forward with your life with greater joy and fulfillment.

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Benefits For People Who Attend The Life Changing Courses
– The life changing courses have assisted tens of thousands of people to improve their lives and change for good.
– The courses have also helped people get out of the working 9 to 5 rat race and truly do something they are passionate about.
– Authentic Education backs up all their teachings with the science of how the 3 parts of the brain work together to create transformations in people. This affects everything from relationships, confidence to creating the psychology of wealth.
– The co-founder of Authentic Education, Benjamin J Harvey has spoken on stage with such people as Dr John Demartini from “The Secret”, John Assaraf from “The Secret”, Lisa Sasevich and Mike Koenigs.

At Authentic Education, their mission is to empower you to live abundantly on purpose. Everything they provide is designed to accelerate your ability to live a rich, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Their vision is to live in a world where everyone is on purpose creating and contributing from a place of inspiration.