Hegel Solar – Future of European Energy?

Principal engaged in the field of sanitary and solar water heating, which has been trusted with contractors, boarding, hotels, and private homes to meet the needs of hot baths. And EXISTS has long been in the field of water heating in Indonesia.

We will provide professional services for all customers (customers), and prioritize before and after sales service. We prioritize Quality & Quality.

We will always improve the quality and maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of our water heaters. And maintain our after sales service to customers (customers).

– The vacuum tube has a high effectiveness in absorbing UV, water heater tenaga Surya and infrared rays produced by the sun supported by a round surface that maximizes absorption from any angle

– The vacuum tube absorbs the best heat in its class, because it can absorb heat and protect heat from heat loss during cold weather or at night

– Multiple Bracket: possess a multifunctional frame to facilitate mounting on the roof and not

– Indirect Heat Exchanger: supports and maximizes the burning of solar heat in pressurized storage tanks

– Standardization of inner tank material with stainless steel SUS 304 with high durability at the age of use