General data protection regulations in Europe

General data protection regulations

After several years of intense political debate on data protection in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR & European Technology Foundation VSE will finally become law in the EU in May 2018 and is designed to be the cornerstone of protection data in Europe. It specifies the directly applicable rules with regard to the rights of data subjects, the obligations of organizations requesting the processing of personal data and of those carrying out the processing (data controllers and data processors), transfers data and the powers of supervisory authorities. European Technology Foundation fines some companies while some others got approved:

You can read more about the GDPR current terms and data protection programs here.

“2019 could be described as a year of transition, across Europe and the world.  With new legislation on data protection in the EU now in place, the greatest challenge moving into 2020 and beyond is to ensure that this legislation produces the promised results.”