Different way to support an orphan life & education in Africa

Different ways to support an orphan in Africa

According to statistics, there are over 20 million orphans in Africa alone. These are children with bloated bellies due to malnourishment, can barely afford a single meal per day while others are smaller than healthy children half their age. As a fortunate person, there is something that you can do to make a dent in this growing number of orphans. Here are different ways that you can support an orphan in Africa.

· Donation

Donation is the most convenient and effective way to help an orphan. Donation helps to buy foods, support education, build safe shelter and get them access to fresh water.

· Adopt

Adopting an orphan and giving him a place to call home, good education which translates to a better future is one of the greatest gift you can ever give. Though the adoption process is quite daunting, if you are eligible as well as psychologically, emotionally and physically sound to adopt an orphan, then go ahead and give him a better life.

· Become a foster parent

While adopting an orphan is a noble act, not everyone can do it. In case you are not eligible to adopt, you can become a foster parent. There are thousands of children without permanent families in Africa and a foster parent is needed to provide the much needed care. Some of these children are often reunited with a relative and others may be eligible for adoption.

· Provide respite care

Sometimes, a foster parent may need to take a break to recuperate. Respite care takes place over the weekend and holidays. It is a great option for working professionals who would like to help without having full time responsibilities.

· Lend a hand to an adoptive family

There are so many adjustments that need to be made to the family members and the home in general after adopting which can strain the family resources. To offer support, reach out to the adoptive family, bring over a meal, act as a mentor or even offer financial support. Your help will significantly boost the success of the adoption process.

· Support ministries that work with orphans

There are millions of orphans justify to grow in orphanages. To offer support, plan a visit and interact with them, show them love and make financial contribution to the organizations. By so doing, you will have made a huge impact because such kids do not receive one on one attention.

· Support orphan graduate programs

Since not all orphans are adopted and quite a large number age out in the orphanages. Though they are educated, they are vulnerable to becoming exploited, addicted or homeless. Orphan graduate programs help these teens to find a place to live, provide basic necessities such as food and even offer scholarships to pursue higher education.

· Bridge the gap

Orphans are caused by so many factors rooted in the political and social issues. Stand up for such issues that surround parents, families and children. You can volunteer is a crisis pregnancy center, sponsor education of HIV awareness and offer financial support in poverty stricken areas. This way, you will curb the number of children who are separated from their parents due to poverty, HIV and even natural disasters.