Company Profile about Pitco Commercial Deep Fryers

Whether you are a fried-food freak or running a diner, a deep fryer is a terrific addition to your kitchen. The principal objective of this popular kitchen appliance is to prepare fried items such as the chicken, fish, French fries, and so much more. A deep fryer makes the produce crispy & juicy to strike the right chords with human taste buds. Besides, imparting life to food, this device serves as a hygienic & healthy means to cook fried food, loaded with a wealth of features.

There are several aspects to rope-in when choosing a commercial or a home-use deep fryer in order to make the best investment. Since your deep fryer will on your kitchen counter, it is imperative to pay great attention to the dimensions of the model you are interested to fit-in. Also, not to mention the filtration mechanism and what is the output capacity?

Today, in this post, we will talk about a dominant home-use & commercial deep fryers brand, Pitco. So, scroll down and get all the information you need before buying a deep fryer designed & developed by this globally recognized brand.

Pitco Commercial Deep Fryers

Established in the year 1918, Pitco is a trusted manufacturer of deep fryers having diverse capacities and endowed with the upgraded array of features. Since the company’s establishment, it has meant to provide reliable yet cost-effective kitchen frying solutions to chefs & housewives. With a long established history of 100 years, Pitco has engineered top quality equipment those make it smoother to fry food. Over the years, the company has expanded into a global brand in terms of design, research & embracing newer technologies and advanced features.

The Pitco Deep Fryers establish the food is delicious & fried with great ease. Owing to the integrated oil management technique, the food fried in a Pitco deep fryer is hygienic with no traces of extra oil. Pitco has won several awards and appreciations for being the no.1 catering equipment in Sydney supplier.

Pitco Gas Fryers Revolutionizing The Way You Fry

The latest series of the Pitco Gas Fryers are built with inputs from customers, chefs & technicians. The commercial fryers manufactured by Pitco come with the in-built feature of “Fast Recovery” during the rush hours. Besides improved cooking power, the efficiency of the Pitco fryers is far more effcient than other brands in the market. The stainless steel panels make their range of deep fryers highly durable. And, last but not the least, the most crucial aspect of the gas fryers from the house Pitco is that they can be installed easily to the rear wall.

Key Benefits of Pitco Fryers 

  • Pitco Fryers Have Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Safety for Cooks Those Deal With Frying Food on the Daily Basis
  • Reduced Carbon Footprints
  • Less Oil Suction into the Food
  • Have Energy Star Certification
  • Less Wastage
  • Perfect for Both Home and Commercial Use

Final Words

Beside Pitco, the Frymaster is another brand manufacturing high-performance, better star rating, and less delivery time deep fryers for home kitchens and to the hospitality industry.