7 Top Pizza Accessories Required Running a Pizza Shop

Opening a pizzeria undeniably is a big business prospect.

Do you know about 41% of the Americans admitted having pizza least once in a week? This was put forth by a 2014 survey report by the research firm Technomic.

While, the market of pizza is enormous & lucrative, but the scope of success for a new startup is quite slim. However, that doesn’t mean you should put your business plans on the back burner. True dedication and hard work coupled with a smart mind are elemental to the triumph of any food-related business.

How to Commence Your Pizza Business?

The first aspect you need to mull over before you jump into the fascinating world of pizzas, decide whether you want to operate as an independent business or link up a renewed chain as a franchise.

While, the pizza chains are everywhere, but independent pizza outlets form the major chunk of the pizza industry. Secondly, find the right location for the outlet, as this is integral to your business profits. And, most importantly, how will you serve either as a dine-in place or operate a delivery store?

Selecting the Right Pizza Kitchen Equipment and Tools

If you want to lay the foundation of a profit-driven pizza shop, then you need to empower your chefs with top-grade equipment to cook delicious pizzas. Here, we put forth the seven must-have pizza accessories for your upcoming pizzeria.

Let’s Check Out-

1. Pizza Oven

Oven, unarguably the soul of your pizzeria, therefore you can’t afford to go wrong with selecting the commercial-grade oven for your upcoming pizza shop.

2. Pizza Peel

The pizza peel is shovel-shaped hand-held tool let the chef to conveniently transport the pizza from one oven to another. The professionally used pizza peels are made out of premium-quality aluminum or wood material.

3. Pastry Brush

Commonly known as the basting brush, this a utensil found in both residential and commercial kitchens evenly spread the cheese on the pizza. The modern pastry brushes have silicone bristles for delivering great cooking results.

4. Pizza Cutter

Comes with a roller blade, the pizza cutter is for cutting the big pizza into slices-in technical terms this means piping-for serving to your guests.

5. Squeeze Sauce Bottle

To efficiently spread the sauce-, which is the most crucial indigent to make the pizza delectable-you need a squeeze sauce bottle. They come in a spectrum of capacity choices; you pick the right in accordance with your pizza shop demands

6. Pizza Servicing Bat

Serve pizza to your customers in style with a pizza servicing bat, this lends a smoky feel to the baked pizza.

7. Perforated Pizza Plate

This is another valuable pizza accessory, required during the cheese topping stage. They are available in a wide selection of designs & sizes, as per your bespoke business needs.

To Conclude

The above-listed seven pizza accessories are merely the beginning, there is so many other essential cooking & baking stuff, see more bakery equipment at a hospitality supplier store near you or search online.